Weight Loss Consultation

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Jamshid Nazarian, MD, FACS

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With extensive experience in all types of weight-loss surgeries and techniques, including the most advanced bariatric surgeries, Dr. Nazarian is uniquely positioned to provide compassionate, knowledgeable weight loss consultation services to women and men throughout the Beverly Hills, CA, area who want to look and feel their best.


Weight Loss ConsultationWhat is weight loss consultation?

Weight loss consultation is a critical part of your weight loss journey, especially if you are considering bariatric surgery as part of that journey. During a weight loss consultation appointment, you will have a comprehensive exam and evaluation of your health and your weight loss needs. The information gathered during this appointment will serve as the basis for recommendations, including the type of surgery that would be most appropriate and most effective for you.

Will I need any lab tests?

Yes, most patients will need to undergo lab testing like blood work to gain a complete picture of their health. Depending on your specific condition, you may also need to have diagnostic imaging tests like X-rays performed prior to your surgery, or you may have to have a cardiac stress test. These tests and exams may be ordered during your consultation or they may be conducted ahead of time.

Is a weight loss consultation just a physical exam?

No; first, the exam and evaluation are tailored to determining your health profile and whether or not surgery is a good option. But beyond the physical exam and evaluation, the consultation also looks at important psychological and lifestyle issues, including an assessment of your goals to ensure your expectations are in line with the actual results you can achieve. Successful weight loss surgery depends on emotional health as well as physical health. The consultation will also help you decide if you are truly ready to commit to the diet and lifestyle changes weight loss surgery requires. In that sense, the consultation appointment will help ensure you have a complete understanding of the procedure as well as the long-term implications of surgery and the bearing it will have on your life and health.