Laser Treatment

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Laser technology delivers effective treatments with little or no pain for an increasing number of patients. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of laser treatment, consult Jamshid Nazarian, MD, FACS. At his Beverly Hills, California, practice, Dr. Nazarian offers state-of-the-art laser treatments, including endovenous laser therapy for varicose veins and SmartLipo™ laser liposuction. Call the office to find out more or request an appointment online today.

Laser Treatment

What is laser treatment?

Lasers are becoming increasingly common in health care and aesthetic practices across the United States. They use light energy – laser stands for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation."

One of the primary advantages of laser treatments is that they can perform a variety of surgical procedures without Dr. Nazarian having to make any incisions in your skin.

Instead, the light beams from the laser device penetrate your skin painlessly. In some cases, Dr. Nazarian needs to make a single small incision to insert a catheter (tube) to ensure the laser reaches the target area.

As a result, you feel little or no discomfort following laser treatment. There's also no scarring and very often minimal to no requirement for downtime. Using lasers is a safe and cost-effective way of performing procedures that at one time were only possible using surgery.

What laser procedures could I undergo?

Two of the primary ways in which Dr. Nazarian uses laser treatment are:

Laser vein surgery

Laser vein surgery – also known as endovenous laser therapy – is a highly effective way of dealing with troublesome varicose veins. These swollen, discolored veins often appear on the legs and may become tender, painful, and itchy.

Using laser energy, Dr. Nazarian can apply heat to the affected veins, collapsing the vein walls. The treated vein can't grow back, and eventually, your body absorbs the remains. Meanwhile, blood that used to use that vein simply finds a different route.


SmartLipo uses laser energy to break down fat cells. The laser energy destroys the membrane that surrounds the fat cells, turning them into a liquid that Dr. Nazarian can gently vacuum away.

The heat SmartLipo uses only affects the fat cells, which melt at lower temperatures than other cells and tissues. Therefore, correctly used laser therapy causes no damage to the tissues surrounding the treatment site.

What other uses do lasers have?

Lasers are also used in procedures such as tumor removal and can help prevent blood loss by sealing smaller blood vessels. Laser treatments to seal lymph vessels can reduce swelling and stop tumor cells from spreading, and they're also effective for addressing common skin conditions like warts and blemishes, scars, birthmarks, and wrinkles.

To find out what laser treatments could help you with your health problems, call the office of Jamshid Nazarian, MD, FACS, or request an appointment online today.