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Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most popular and effective surgical techniques for long-term weight loss. Dr. Nazarian is a leader in state-of-the-art gastric bypass surgical techniques designed to maximize results while minimizing the risk of complications in his Beverly Hills, CA, patients.


Gastric BypassWhat is gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery is a weight-loss surgical technique that “bypasses” a portion of your stomach and small intestine so you eat less and fewer calories are absorbed. The surgery is considered a combination of restrictive and malabsorptive surgeries since it involves elements of both.

How is the gastric bypass surgical procedure performed?

Gastric bypass is performed using a laparoscopic technique, a minimally-invasive approach that uses small incisions so recovery is faster and risks are decreased. During the surgery, your stomach will be divided into two sections – an upper pouch, which will be about the size of a large walnut and able to contain only about an ounce of food, and a larger lower portion which will be “bypassed.” The smaller pouch will be disconnected from the upper part of the small intestine and reconnected at a lower area. By bypassing the upper portion of the small intestine where much of the digestive activity occurs, your body will not absorb as many calories. Once the procedure is completed, you will need to remain in the hospital for about two to four days during the initial stages of healing and recovery.

Am I a good candidate for gastric bypass?

Generally, the gastric bypass surgical procedure can be a good option for patients who:

  • Are in good general health

  • Have a body-mass index of 40 or greater

  • Have a body-mass index between 35 and 40 in addition to a medical condition related to obesity, like type II diabetes or hypertension (high blood pressure)

Before gastric bypass surgery or any type of weight-loss surgery, you will have a thorough medical exam and consultation to determine if weight-loss surgery is right for your health, your lifestyle and your goals.


Words from our patients

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    "Thank you Dr. Nazarian. You have done so much for my family. We are forever grateful to you and your staff for giving us the tools necessary to change our lives."

    Kristen S.
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    "Both my wife Mary and I had gastric bypass in early 2005 changing both our lives. Thank you for saving my life!"

    Paul S.
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    "He is very understanding and patient. His surgery coordinator, Rick Mark is excellent. He helps you along the way, even with the approval of the insurance."

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