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Jamshid Nazarian, MD, FACS -  - Bariatric Surgeon

Jamshid Nazarian, MD, FACS

Bariatric Surgeon & General Surgeon located in Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Nazarian is skilled in bariatric correctional surgery techniques aimed at reversing and correcting previous bariatric procedures, helping patients resolve problems and find a better approach to weight loss so they can achieve optimal results.


Bariatric Correctional SurgeryWhat is bariatric correctional surgery?

Often called bariatric revision surgery, bariatric correctional surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed to correct or alter a previous bariatric surgery. Revising an existing surgery requires exceptional expertise and skill, and revisions should not be performed by surgeons who are not experienced in the revision process and techniques.

Why does bariatric revision need to be performed?

Bariatric surgery has changed dramatically within the past several years. Often, patients who had surgery many years ago will have issues relating to the method used during their surgery. Many revisions are performed to correct these issues that developed as a result of an earlier technique, which has since been replaced by a superior surgical method. Some revisions are performed because the procedure that was performed was not the ideal choice for the patient's lifestyle, health or goals. Still, others may need revision surgery because of unsatisfactory results with an earlier surgery, or because the surgeon who performed the earlier surgery was not adequately skilled.

What happens during bariatric correctional surgery?

The technique that is used during your revision surgery will depend on the type of surgery you had initially as well as your general health and other factors. Before your procedure, you will have a chance to learn about the procedure and what to expect from start to finish.

How do I prepare for the surgery?

Prior to surgery, you will need to present the original operating note and discharge summary as well as an X-ray of your upper gastrointestinal tract. You will also have to be 100% committed to following through on the post-surgical protocol to ensure the best possible results. Revisional surgery can be complex, and before undergoing the surgery, you must be honest with yourself about your willingness to comply with dietary and nutritional guidelines that can help you be a more active partner in your successful weight-loss journey.