M.S., Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
I like Dr. Nazarian. He answered all my questions. His office staff helped me get approved in less than two weeks and surgery was schedualed about four weeks later. No complications with the surgery. I moved from California to Mississippi shortly after my surgery and so all my follow up care was done with my new primary care doc.

My first impression was Dr. Nazarian was a very caring doctor. Never changed only was more impressed and knew, by the time I left I will always sing his praises for the rest of my life. Future patients need to know he is an EXCELLENT AND CARING DOCTOR and you will be in qualified hands, He enforces that you stick to after care. I traveled from Jacksonville, FL to have my surgery, and it was worth it all, as far as i am concerned. He totally explained the surgery risk completely even answered questions I did not ask. I will not rate him on a scale as he is Wonderful, came by to see me everyday, wonderful hospital staff and I only had to buzz the nurse once (now that’s service). BEDSIDE AND SURGICAL COMPETANCE ARE EXCELLENT

I met Dr. Nazarian on 07/19/08, he is a great doctor, and I am looking forward to having my sugery with him. He is very understanding and patient. His surgery coordinator is excellent. He helps you along the way, even with the approval from the insurance. I’m currently undergoing paperwork and will be requesting approval from United Health Care soon. Overall these are great people to work with and are very interested in making their patients feel like they are not alone on this journey.

Dr Nazarian was very comforting he was willing to listen and answer any questions I had.

Dr. Nazarian was the best! I really can’t put in words what this man means to me. He helped me begin my journey and I can honestly say that he would be so proud of me after 5 years. I say this because he takes care of you as a father would. Thank you Dr. Nazarian!!!

Paul & Mary Sannes

Both my wife Mary and I had gastric bypass in early 2005 changing both our lives. This is something I have wanted to say for a long time. Thank you for saving my life! Not once, but twice! The first time we met you in late 2004 I was close to 280lbs suffering from sleep apnea, esophageal reflux, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and my snoring was unbearable for the family. Mary’s condition was similar to mine. To this day she won’t tell me her weight at that time so I can’t comment. We tried dieting, weight loss prescriptions and exercising. I also endured comments from peers and those around about my weight. I was 5’ 7” and weighing over 280lbs at that time, being self-conscious about it was difficult to say the least. My surgery was at the end of January and Mary’s was at the end of March 2005. I weighed in at 283lbs the day before, something I will remember the rest of my life! I feel that my surgery went well and was back to work in a short time and then I was able to help Mary through her surgery. We diligently followed our new diet and the weight disappeared over the next year. We changed our diets after surgery and have pretty much stayed the same since then eating healthy foods. I weighed in this morning at 150lbs! Eight years after my surgery! Mary still won’t tell me her weight but she sure looks good! I have to tell you, I no longer snore or wake up gasping for air and all of my blood work levels are good. Mary is very healthy too.  People around me no longer make comments about my weight and seem to treat me different than when I was a heavy man. My self-esteem and confidence have risen to a high comfortable level and I can see it in my wife too. I was saved from an overweight, depressed life that was only getting worse. I recommend Dr. Nazarian to everyone I speak with about my experience with weight loss, as does Mary. Thank you and your team for the high level of care and support over the last eight plus years from the both of us!

The second time you saved my life was just over four years ago, January 2, 2009. Unrelated to my gastric bypass, I nearly lost my life due to adhesions cutting off blood supply. Thankfully my wife called you and put me in your care. I literally was within minutes of losing my life, but with your God given gift you skillfully knew what to do. To this day I still get teary eyed thinking about it. I will always hold you dear to my heart as a friend and my Doctor! You Sir are my Guardian Angel!

Kristen M. Seefeld
The decision to have gastric bypass surgery was an easy decision for me.  I knew many people who successfully used the surgery to regain their health and their life. As prepared as I was, understanding the diet changes, the physical changes, the hormonal changes, I really had no idea the challenges and rewards that lye ahead. I was 229 lbs on surgery day. I am 5 ft. 0 inches. My surgery was January 23, 2011. I was about to be 31. I had 3 healthy children and I was getting married in 10 months. I had to struggle with the insurance to get it approved. I had to go to nutritional classes. My first day of class I remember thinking… ” I could teach this class I know so much about this surgery and your diet.” Man I couldn’t have been more wrong. I learned so much from those classes. I really attribute my success with the surgery because of the information I learned and utilized in those classes. It is a daily choice to eat healthy. A choice that I used to cry over, and gag over; like the first time I ate Greek yogurt. For weeks I would gag and my stomach would curl but I would force that yogurt down because I was determined to lose that 15 lbs before surgery. Greek yogurt is now one of my most favorite foods. you read correctly, foods, not snacks… but a complete meal. Enough protein, balanced carbs, perfect portions. Quinoa is not only fun to say but it is delicious, Tofu, I love in a recipe, and as long as I ignore the texture I love it in my soups. I no longer eat food to feel good, to feel bad, to do anything other than what it is intended for… nourish my body. Sure I have the occasional treat. If I keep it to a 1/2 bite of something sweet I won’t get sick, but anymore than that and I am down for the count for a good 1/2 hour. I am ok with that. Like I said, it is a daily decision and one I am glad to get a little help with especially during girl scout cookie time, and xmas bake sales. I was a size 22 for the last 3 months leading up to my surgery. I am now a size 0. I weigh 104 lbs. I am now 1/2 the woman I used to be and thankful everyday for being able to have the surgery. It is the small things in life that only a large person knows to appreciate. Bending over without holding your breath, cleaning yourself unassisted, running to take cover in the rain without giving up a lung to get there… playing with your kids, any where they want, however they want. I have no restrictions in my life because I work hard everyday to take care of myself. I don’t feel deprived, I don’t feel insecure I feel for the first time in a decade that the girl I see in the mirror is actually me and man I missed her smile.

Losing 125 lbs. has had an impact on my skin. Given the circumstances, I have minimal excess skin. My routine may or may not have anything to do with that. I use Nivea crème whenever possible. I use coconut oil after showers. I use the “weight trimming” belt (as if that ever worked) I use it around my chest and tummy and I feel it helps to shrink my excess skin. I do plan on having surgery to remove the skin on my stomach and rear. I may elect for a breast augmentation at some point but for now I am enjoying having a small (really small) chest. From a 42DD+ (I was always too embarrassed to get measured officially) to a 32A. I have no pain, no back aches, and I love it!

Thank you Dr. Nazarian. You have done so much for my family. The life that my husband and I have, our relationship, both physical and emotional would not have been possible without you. How you have changed the lives of his sisters Cheryl and Amy, and parents Robin and Ed, as well as my own sister Megan is immeasurable. We are forever grateful to you and your staff for giving us all the tools necessary to make our surgeries a positive turning point in our lives. WE LOVE YOU!