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Jamshid Nazarian, MD, FACS, FICS, FAMBS, is a board-certified surgeon specializing in bariatric surgery. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Nazarian provides a variety of procedure options utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to patients in Beverly Hills, California. 

After completing his general surgery residency in New York at the Brooklyn Jewish Hospital, Dr. Nazarian completed two years of fellowship in surgery at Wayne State University of Michigan and Hahnemann (Drexel) University in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Nazarian is a diplomat of the American Board of Surgery, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a Fellow of the International College of Surgeons. As an active member of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and the International Federation of Bariatric Surgery, Dr. Nazarian has performed more than 5,000 successful bariatric procedures in the past 25 years.

Dr. Nazarian has been practicing in Beverly Hills, California, since 1987. He is at the forefront of bariatric surgery, performing all different types of bariatric cases in the form of minimally invasive procedures for gastric bypass, Lap-Band procedures, and sleeve gastrectomy. Dr. Nazarian specializes in laparoscopic procedures and performs almost all of his procedures laparoscopically. He also receives a number of revisional bariatric surgeries, which are referred from other institutions for correction. 

As the Medical Director of Beverly Hills Institute for Bariatric Surgery, Dr. Nazarian believes that each individual’s needs are unique and require customized care. He strives to improve each patient’s quality of life with his surgical expertise, professional qualifications, and extensive experience. Dr. Nazarian is recognized as a Member of the “Bariatric Center of Excellence,” which is given to experienced surgeons in the field with quality of practice.

Dr. Nazarian has hospital affiliations with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, St. Mary’s Hospital, West Hills Hospital & Medical Center, and Southern California Hospital. 

Weight Loss

  • Weight Loss Surgery

    Are you ready for a new lease on life? Take control of your health and happiness with minimally invasive weight loss procedures at the center of Dr. Nazarian.

    Dr. Nazarian and his staff offer the latest in Bariatric Surgery, Laparoscopic and Minimally invasive including Lap-Band, Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass Procedure.

    We are also offering revision Surgery (conversion on one procedure done in the past that has not been successful to another procedure).

    Not only our caring professionals take complete care of you before and during the procedure, we offer assistance for long after surgery to ensure you stay on the right track to reach your health and weight loss goals. Contact us in Beverly Hills, California, at (888) 865-7838 for a life-changing weight loss procedure of your choice.



    Who Needs It and Why?

    Whomever has been involved with obesity and has been unsuccessful to take off the extra weight with conservative manner, and carries 50 lbs or more, especially those who are involved with co-morbidities (Hypertension, Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, Arthritis, and High Cholesterol) now can be considered as candidates for weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery offers safe and stable weight loss with a promise of removing not only weight but control of co-morbidities which are considered metabolic disease.



    Types of Surgery

    Lap Band can be offered to people with obesity and co-morbidities as long as they are not severe. Results over 50% of the time are good however Sleeve Gastrectomy offers more stable and stead weight loss and controlling metabolic disease better than band. Gastric Bypass is the strongest weight loss procedure and creates more steady, weight loss and control of metabolic disease people, with extreme obesity should be considered for this procedure.



    Why With Us?

    Dr. Nazarian has 30 years of experience with more than 4000 Bariatric procedures who can select the right procedure to fit your specific condition and this decision can be mutually made with you to offer safe and steady weight loss and alleviate your disease resulted out of obesity.

    Dr. Nazarian is part of The Center of Excellence of Bariatric Surgery. This recognition is given to few Bariatric surgeons who have vast experience in all bariatric procedures and have tight and excellent Criteria for choosing the right candidates for surgery itself, and follow up with the patients.

Patient Info




    Weight Loss Surgery Information

    Lap band and other weight loss surgeries are safe, effective and has long term effect in controlling weight. This can benefit anyone that qualifies.

    Dr. Nazarian, with the experience of over 4,000 successful procedures in the past 30 years will be able to choose the right procedure mutually with your opinion to achieve short and long goal of the weight loss surgery.





    Our Services Include:

    • In depth consultation
    • Pre and post operative management
    • Psychological and nutritional evaluation and support




    Procedures Offered:

    • Gastric bypass

    • Realize band

    • Gastric sleeve

    • Revision of previous weight loss surgery which has failed.

    • Lap Band



    How Does The Lap Band Work?

    The adjustable band, which is placed in the upper portion of the stomach, controls the amount of food entry to the stomach. This is done by creating a very small pouch above the band. Patient needs to eat slow and make effort in swallowing and feel full quickly with smaller amount of eating. Proper monitoring and gradual tightening of the band (adjustment) and education of proper use of the band and healthy choices and exercise will make band a good tool to achieve weight loss.


    Benefits of Other Weight Loss Procedures

    Sleeve gastrectomy is a stronger procedure than band and creates more steady weight loss with more control of metabolic conditions such as diabetes. This procedure works by creating a small and narrow stomach which gets full quickly and reduces appetite and intake, plus has hormonal control of appetite to some degree this procedure has been very safe and most of the time done on observation 24 hours stay in surgical facility which is considered outpatient.

    Gastric bypass is the strongest weight loss procedure currently done in most of the institutions. This procedure not only has the benefit of sleeve gastrectomy but also reduces the amount of food that can be absorbed, this dual effect has made this procedure a very effective and stable weight loss procedure.

    Revisional surgery designed to correct the procedure you had in the past and now has failed. For example, if band has failed for you it can be removed and changed to sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric bypass that you had in the past and now is not working for you, it can be revised and corrected.

Insurance Information

J. Nazarian, MD. Dr. Nazarian is backed by more than 20 years of experience in the bariatric surgery. He works with his patients on a one-on-one basis and provides the best individual service. We accept most insurance plans and take care of all the paperwork for you. Visit us today for information regarding the financing options available to you. Our office is conveniently located on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

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